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Rebecca, Pierce, Steele, Knox, and Poppy Gagnon

Credits: Looper, Extant, Tomorrowland, Rio 2, Wish You Were Here, Twin Peaks, Rush Hour, Teen Wolf, Kung Fu Panda 3, Jungle Book, The War With Grandpa

Barbara was the first acting coach my son, Pierce Gagnon, worked with, and he has worked almost exclusively with her since then. She helped him book a major role at 5 years old that launched his career. Now, almost 7 years later, he and my younger children all work with Barbara via Skype and FACETIME and OF COURSE in person whenever possible. Barbara has a unique talent for finding the nuances in a scene that set an actor apart and make them shine. She helps identify ways to breathe life into the scene, connect to it, and make it your own. Her approach is organic and fun.  Actors at every level will sharpen their skills when they work with Barbara.

Marie Burke

Credits: Endless Love, If Loving You Is Wrong, Nashville, Daytime Divas, Ford

Long story short, I moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles to work with Barbara Beneville. Something that doesn't come along often in this industry is honesty, a good eye, and consistency. Because she is a woman of faith, that is icing on the cake. Barbara has a gift of seeing people, getting to the point, finding out what is missing in our core, our foundation, and starting there rather than going straight for all the tricks and "show." I was studying and coaching with her when I booked my first studio film, 2 recurring roles on network/cable TV and national commercials. I would definitely suggest her as someone who can help you grow in your acting from the inside out.

Jeff K Lester

Credits: Nashville, Brockmire

When I graduated college with a degree in Theater and Performance studies in 2013, I found my heart attracted to film and television. I had spent 8 years in theater prior and sought a teacher that could help translate my knowledge and experience to this new but similar world of performance. After trying several different courses and leaving dissatisfied, a friend recommended the Just Breathe classes. Barbara has bridged the gap and I feel more confident than ever. Her passion is unparalleled and I couldn’t recommend her more.

Joe Washington

Credits: Anchorman 2, The Originals, Diary of a Black Woman

Barbara’s knowledge of the craft and her instruction during auditions has improved my confidence and produced results.

Brittany Guess

Credits: The Quad, Homeland, Miracle Workers


As I am writing this. I sit in a beautiful hotel room awaiting my shoot for an Emmy Award-winning show.  I have Barbara to thank for this.  She also put me on tape (and it was booked off tape).  Beyond the taping, there are so many things to be said about her and Just Breathe Acting.  I thank God for her often and believe our connecting was divine as she has been an integral part of my growth as an actress and success in the industry.  I came to Barbara fairly new, having studied at a number of other places for 2 years.  The beauty of working with Barbara, whether it be in an intimate one-on-one private session or in a class setting, Barbara meets you where you at.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran she will push you to get the best work and show you how to get there.

She is such a talented artist, but beyond the art, she is truly gifted to teach and there aren’t many acting coaches that can do what she does. She strives to understand and know you as a person to get you where you need to be as an artist.  It’s amazing to watch her coach even the most experienced actors bring their role to life in ways they have never thought of. Or take a novice and utilize her Just Breathe technique and blow us all away.  She pulls actors out of bad habits in life and “bad acting behaviors” some are stuck in. 

In a short amount of time, I am now able to bring myself into any role and feel like I am able to effortlessly be alive through the character I am playing.  I am so comfortable with Barbara and I trust her completely.  Everything I have booked to date has been book directly off tape—commercially and theatrically. But I am not surprised because it happens often with her clients.  My auditions have now skyrocketed and I find myself every week at the studio working on auditions and tapings as she always makes time for me in her schedule. (A daunting task when she juggles coaching sessions here in Atlanta, Facetime sessions from LA and internationally).  She sacrifices so much for her clients and it’s because she genuinely wants us all to WIN.  Her wall of FAME at her studio is proof.  I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if God hadn’t connected me with Barbara.  When I think of what she has done for me as an actress, I stop,  just breathe and feel blessed to not only have her as my coach, bur as a friend on this beautiful journey called life.  Thank you, B!

Kimberley Murray

Credits: Secrets, Stein Mart, Synovus


Putting pen to paper to express what working with Barbara does for your career and heart is a daunting task. There just don’t seem to be enough adjectives to adequately express the benefits one gains by working and being challenged by her. She has always encouraged me to take that leap of faith, getting out of my own way I live in. She has the BEST eye for creativity in coaching, filming for auditions and also, her stunning photography. I have travelled twice to shoot with her when she lived in LA. I have studied with Barbara in Atlanta for over three years and during this time she coached me through a challenging audition helping to land my first SAG commercial principal role. Not only does she elevate you to your best level but encourages you take the credit for the win! I tell my friends that she is the best therapist in the industry!

Through her own faith she encourages us to use the feelings we have experienced in life to tell the story. It’s not easy digging deep and there are lots of tears followed by remarkable breakthroughs. I have learned through her that being in touch with your truth is the backbone of your story. I am grateful to call her coach, mentor, confidant and friend for 35 years. If you are ready for the challenge and want to elevate your career to levels beyond your imagination make the time and commitment to work with Barbara.

Trivon Howard

Credits: The Single Life, Denied, The Meeting


So many time as an actor or actress, we carry with us this emotion called nervousness. Although we feel we have a hold on it, somehow we continue to carry this emotion in the audition room or when we face new challenges. It gets frustrating when this emotion prohibits the use of your full potential and you really wanted to perform in front of your audience or director the way you prepared. What that feels like, is a giant cramped up inside of you and it Just Want To Breathe. I personally been there so many times before, until I decided enough is enough. There's a saying by Sydney Poitier that state: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Well here you are and the teacher is ready. Taking this class changed my life but most of all it changed my perspective. It gave me the right tools to be as successful as I allowed myself to be and how to use any form of nervousness for my advantage. It turned hard work into positive gains and breakthroughs by showing me how to enjoy the process. Barbara Beneville somehow takes complicated minds and simplifies them to be the best version of yourself, which brings the best out in your character. What I love is that it's a everyday challenge, hard work, and a grind but that's what this business is all about. We all are perfectionists in some way, but what sets you apart is the ability to "Just Breathe". 

Liz Schad

Credits: Swamp Murders, Underground Man

I cannot even begin to describe how much Barbara means to me. As a Coach, she has helped me find my voice in a way that I didn’t even think was possible. Prior to working with her, I felt like my career was in a tailspin. I didn’t have a focus and I was very close to giving up on acting altogether. Barbara quickly took me under her wing and helped me find my way. She helped me refine my skills, made me a stronger listener, and reminded me how fun the process can be. She taught me to find beauty in stillness and to know that I am enough. One of the things that stood out most to me is Barbara's amazing eye.  Actors often practice scenes in class and she has an uncanny way of seeing exactly what is missing from the scene. She is incredibly emotionally grounded in her approach and gives excellent feedback. Barbara has been there for me every step of the way: be it headshots, taping, or class.  She constantly pushes me to be better and challenges me to always try different and new perspectives when tackling a scene. As a friend, she has helped me grow as a person. She has helped me through some dark moments and celebrated with me through the victories. I am so thankful to have her in my life.  

Sarafina King

Credits:  Saints and Sinners, Star, Devious Maids


I have never felt more encouraged, challenged, and inspired all at the same time by an acting coach. Barbara is all this and more. She was able to see right through my tough exterior and get me to a true place of vulnerability.  In a safe, true to oneself, no judgement kind of way. Her classes and coaching sessions are my prized times of the week. There are no gimmicks, or tricks, just honesty, breathing, and connecting. My callbacks, director callbacks and bookings vastly improved and my confidence in what I was doing sky rocketed. Barbara has a way of seeing through the B.S. and getting down to the truth of the role. She amazes me with her ability to break down a script and see things that aren't on the page. Besides all of this the love and dedication she gives of herself to her students is above and beyond anything I have seen before. She is my friend, my mentor, my family. I would not be on this journey if I didn't have her on my side. By far the best decision I have made was taking her class and becoming her student. Love you Barbara

Dorsey Levins

Credits: Good Girls, For Better or Worse, Tyler Perry's Medea on the Run


Like all great coaches, she gets it! Barbara will motivate, encourage, and push you to go to places you didn't know you were capable of.  


Lyndsey Ricketson

Credits: Next To Normal, Ragtime

Taking time to meet Barbara was one of the most instrumental, inspiring, and encouraging things I have done for my career. Not only did I feel like I walked away with a skill set, I felt encouraged and equipped with the tools to continue working and improve. I would highly recommend setting up a career consultation. You will not regret the investment in your life and career. 

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