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Phone consultation is required before auditing a class.  

The Just Breathe Audit is a time where you will jump in the classes and work with the ongoing regulars in each class.  

This will give me an idea of where you are at.   

Every detail will be discussed for clear expectations of the classes as well as any questions you may have.  A review of your work will also be taken.

The audit fee is $20. 



Cash. Check. Charge. PayPal

All Square transactions will have a $5.00 processing fee



Just Breathe is a professional business and will be conducted as such.

Whether you are new or a working actor, working in this industry takes discipline and etiquette in all areas.


Arrive at least 5 minutes early and ready to go at the designated time. 

If you are caught up in traffic text me so I know. 


Class will begin on time with or without you.


All cell phones are off and tucked away for the break time. 

If your agent is trying to reach you, take the time during the break or step out of class to call.  No social texting.


Come prepared to work.  Bring your sides and folder you have designated for class. 


Proper attire is key!

Wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes. 

No short skirts or heels unless you bring them for a scene or audition prep.

NO GUM unless required for the scene. 

NO FOOD unless you come early to eat beforehand or need it for the scene. 

You can grab a protein bar or something small if needed.


All payments are due at the FIRST OF THE MONTH, unless discussed. 

No pro-rated class sessions unless it is a holiday or discussed prior to payment due.

There are multiple classes during the week to make up for a missed class.


Feel free to ask any questions.   

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