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For the actor who needs one on one coaching for that specific audition or project.

Barbara is highly recommended by the industry for her unique approach to bringing the actor to the top of the casting list.  

The private is also a great time to work in a particular area that may need special attention for the professional actor, as well as the novice.

This is a great opportunity for the person whose schedule needs a daytime training period. 

Check for permanent scheduling or if you need custom appointments.




For the actor or actors (semi-private) working on a project together, or may need the same areas of training and a specific time outside of regularly scheduled classes.  




A great way to coach and connect with out of town actors on set, on a different coast or another continent.   

Self-Tapes can be coached and read as well at this time. 




This private time is all-inclusive and will prepare the actor for complete development of the role booked.  

The actor will leave with complete confidence and ready for everything on set. 




This time is booked for individual or group coaching in all areas of performance.

Whether you are a singer, dancer, public speaker or just need to make a presentation.

This session will address all aspects of the specific client, whether you are on stage in a live performance or on camera.


“How Do I Get Started”  CONSULTATION


Whether you are the “just getting started” performer or ready to take it to the next level in Los Angeles, these sessions will discuss where you are at, and any concerns you may have in taking that leap of faith!

Take your career to the next level with a life/career coaching session.

*Preparation * Finances * Reality * Living in Los Angeles * The Truth about Hollywood * Setting Yourself Up For Success


Call or email for pricing.

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