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Barbara is a performer. 


At age two she started classical ballet classes and was asked to audition for The Joffrey Ballet at age nine. Born in New Jersey, she ended up in Atlanta at thirteen and danced with the Decatur/DeKalb Ballet Co. She was eventually asked to join the Atlanta Ballet. 


Upon graduation, Barbara decided on a Biology/Dental education. Her love for performing continued with a troupe of dancer/singers called The Georgia Peaches, a professional group booked all over the Southeast.  During the show, a producer contacted the manager of the group and asked for Barbara to audition for a live show.  With no headshot or resume or a clue about the business, she prepared what she needed to in between rounds with an endodontist, patients, and schooling.


Beginners luck? Who knows…but the gig turned out to be the start of everything.

She was booked as an actor and choreographer of the show. It consisted of acting, singing, dancing, and comedy.  The cast of 8 also included Bonnie and Terry Turner of SNL along with pros on Broadway and television.  


After she was encouraged by industry professionals to get an agent, her career transformed within 15 minutes.  She was asked to be a featured player by Neil Simon, if which Ray Stark confirmed you need to be in New York or Los Angeles.   After a year of work and her SAG/AFTRA card in hand, she moved to LA to start her journey.


Acting is acting and although the times and medium may have changed - the art form is still the same.  Whether you are dancing or singing or acting, your gift has got to shine through a place of heart.  Whether it’s a heart of gold or one of steel, we need to feel something.  Isn’t that why most artists want to be in the industry?

Ask yourself why?


The class was formed with the advice and encouragement of a producer and studio in LA.  While reading scripts for dialogue, I was sent actors to twist the obvious in their readings, even to the tune of coaching three leading men for a TV network testing. 

Each time the CD asked who is your coach?  Relationships are everything. She called me and started sending me clients. And so Just Breathe Acting began.


We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.

Proverbs 16: 9                                                                   

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