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An ongoing class for the committed actor in training.

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional this class is for you. 

All levels are in the class of no more than 12 actors.


Remember, whether you are working with an A-list actor or a friend of the producer, YOU have to be at the top of your game and be the best for the project at hand. 

We encourage the same atmosphere in class.


The class consists of foundational exercises and gems that will give the actor emotional freedom. 


The performer needs all phases of training:

Cold reading




Scene Study

Script Analysis

Spokesperson skills


On Camera


Actors will be in continuous preparation for their career, changing it up at a moment’s notice. Each student works 2-3 times in a class.

The class is three hours.



Class is $150 per month. 

All payments made by credit card will have a $5 processing fee



Click here for Class Policies


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