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To encourage every performer to embrace their truth.

Get comfortable with silence and transcendence will follow. 


Barbara fell into the business while singing and dancing in a troupe while she was in college in the dental field. She was asked to audition for a production which included some acting. with no headshot or acting resume, she ended up booking the role with a cast of notables including the award-winning Bonnie and Terry Turner, (snl, third rock, 70’show).  With her start in Atlanta, SAG card in hand, she headed out to Los Angeles with encouragement from Neil Simon and ray stark.  


She is now back in Atlanta after a quick stint in LA (30+ years). She returns on occasion to coach her clients, act, and shoot photography.



Learn to live through every moment... hear your heart beat and hand it over with freedom.  

Now ~ just breathe!


Notable Publicity:

·  Showtimes’ "THIS AMERICAN LIFE" featured Barbara (coach) in the episode of Growth Spurt - Bandida.

·  The Wall Street Journal highlighted Barbara's Acting Workshop with the production at the Academy 

·   Cast and Coached a radio show with stars at the George Segel and Michael Richards Players Performance at the Arts and Science Building in Studio City, California. 

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